Our Story

We faced problems in buying products on releases a lot many times, so we decided to build an extensive algorithm with simple chrome extension to solve our problem, further decided to distribute among people at cheapest cost, so that everyone can afford.

Our Vision

We have a large list of upcoming features which will further increase more user experience and your chance of getting the product on releases. Vision is everyone should get the chance to buy what he or she wants.


Simple chrome extension with extensive advance algorithms which makes shopping experience way faster than other bots


How it works


We found a smart way to buy products easy and fast with complete control in hands of the buyer. Making buying experience reliable and fast makes this tool smart and best Shopify bot in the market. 


Buying products on Shopify site releases are really tough when everybody is working on buying it, therefore user needs something which will do everything in a more faster and efficient way which will increase the chances of buying. Our fastest the Shopify bot ever will do this for you.

The Business Times

"The smartest product
in the market"